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Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS JVBL-APCE-LVJZ-PPT-DO Rev. July 2012 PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM THIS APPLICATION FORM IS NOT FOR SALE. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY SPACES BLANK INDICATE N/A IF NOT APPLICABLE. PROVIDING FALSE STATEMENTS IN PASSPORT APPLICATIONS IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW R.A. If divorced Certified True Copy of the Divorce Decree duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce was obtained or by the concerned foreign diplomatic or...
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Who needs a Philippine Passport Application Form?

A Passport Application Form should be filed by citizens of the Republic of the Philippines if they want to receive or renew their passport at any age. The application form was designed by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

What is Philippine Passport Application Form for?

There is no other way how a citizen can obtain a passport without following a strictly determined procedure of application, among which is filling out the Passport Application Form. The Passport is an important document, its availability is mandatory for travelling, working and studying abroad.

Is PHL Passport Application Form accompanied by other forms?

There is a list of mandatory attachments to include to the application package. It contains:

  1. Original copy of birth certificate issued by NSO (National Statistics Office), or a Certified True Copy (issued by a Local Civil Registrar but authenticated by NSO) If the application is meant for passport renewal, the birth certificate may be not necessary.
  2. At least one valid picture ID or at least three supporting documents that can identify the applicant (NBI or Police Clearance, PSA Marriage Contract, Seaman’s Book, Government Service Record, etc.
  3. Two copies of each document should be made and included as well.

This list can vary depending on the particular case, so it is advisable to check the requirements on the website1.

When is Passport Application Form due?

The application form is not restricted by any time limits, however, if the passport is necessary for traveling abroad, it should be taken into consideration that the application processing can take from 6 to 12 weeks. So, the planning should be done well enough in advance.

How do I fill out PHL Passport Application Form?

The Passport Application Form should give the following information: 1. Applicant's first name, last name, middle name, date and place of birth, gender 2. Contact information 3. Names of a spouse and parents 4. Citizenship details 5. Signature The bottom part of the form is to be filled out by the DFA personnel.

Where do I send PHL Passport Application Form?

The completed application should be brought to a DFA appointment together with all the required attachments.

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